Network map of site tour showing viewpoints and links between them. Green viewpoints feature both day and night versions of the same scene, white viewpoints are day only.

Site Tour

This is a virtual tour of the Liverpool Telescope site on La Palma. Click on the blue arrows in the viewer below to walk around the site. The network map at right shows the locations of the individual 360° images.


  • Use the mouse or your finger to drag the scene around in the viewer window below.
  • Move to an adjacent viewpoint by clicking on the arrows circled in blue.

Day/Night views:

  • Blue "buttons" on the ground switch you to a night view.
  • Similarly, yellow buttons switch you back to the day view.

The images were taken in 2019 using a RICOH Theta S 360° camera, and the tour interface is kindly provided by HoloBuilder.